InventionHome works with inventors, entrepreneurs and small businesses from around the world striving to license or wholesale their innovative products to companies within the United States. Our goal is to connect your company with these great product opportunities.

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Tap into a constant stream of product innovation

Since we do not charge an up-front fee to market innovative products and inventions and we only ask to share in the royalty at a modest level, we are able to attract a wide range of great product opportunities from around the world. We bring these opportunities directly to you.

Let us be an extension of your R&D department

Put InventionHome to work for you! Not only will we seek out products that fit your categories and keywords, but we'll also assist through the product review / due diligence process as well as facilitating the contract negotiation with inventors.

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We’ll work with you through product reviews and contract negotiations. We buffer you from the need to work directly with inventors.

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New Product Alerts is our system for matching products to your categories and keywords and delivering them directly to your inbox. If you’re interested in the product, we’ll work with you to gather info and negotiate and sign agreements.