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The LaceLocker®

  • Carol Stanley
  • Utility Patent Issued


The LaceLocker® is a unique, low-profile device capable of securely storing tied shoe laces. The device ensures shoe laces are unobtrusive, allowing runners, ice skaters, golfers, and other athletes to exercise without worry of laces becoming untied or getting in the way.

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Purpose & Benefits

  • Provides users with a simple, easy-to-use, and efficient device designed to secure shoe laces on any type of shoes, boots, ice skates, and other applicable footwear.

  • Eliminates the worry of laces coming untied while walking or exercising.

  • Offers a convenient, easy-to-apply method of keeping tied shoe laces snug and out of the way.

  • Utilizes hook and loop fasteners to ensure shoe laces are firmly set in place while a shoe is being worn.

  • Prevents the need to double or triple knot laces and eliminates the need to cut laces in order to keep the laces out of the way while walking, running, and more.

Problems Solved

Loose and untied footwear laces can be an enormous safety issue for men, women, and children no matter the wearer’s age or the activity in which he/she is engaged. Laces can become loose and untied while an individual is walking, running, ice skating, etc. and can lead to an individual tripping, falling, and suffering serious injury. Athletes and everyday users need a way to keep shoe laces snug, tight, and secure without worry of the laces becoming obtrusive and potentially dangerous.

The LaceLocker® can provide optimal solutions to all of these issues and more. The low-profile, flexible design eliminates the need for double-knotting and reduces the risk of many types of foot injuries. Further, its unique, one-size-fits-all design can be installed on all shoes, from adult to children sizes.

Detailed Description & Features

The LaceLocker® is an innovative, flexible, and convenient device utilized to keep tied shoe laces snug and secure while an individual is walking, running, or otherwise exercising. The shoe lace storage system can be applied in three easy steps, providing the opportunity for users of all ages to use footwear with laces that are safely stowed away. The device can be utilized for preventing various foot injuries and can be used for all activities including running, ice skating, walking, golf, tennis hiking, hunting, and any other sport that requires some type of footwear with laces.

Users can simply install the device on any pair of shoes. Shoe laces can be loosened and then users can insert the LaceLocker® under the first 2 sections of the laces. Slide in the flap and then apply downward pressure to position LaceLocker® in place. The laces can then be tied in a single knot, eliminating the need to double or even triple-tie a knot in order to keep laces secure. Position the tied laces in the center, then fold and secure both sides of the LaceLocker®. Once the LaceLocker® is placed on both shoes, the user is ready to go.

LaceLocker® is available in a multitude of exciting and customized designs, colors, and patterns. The device is SOLD IN PAIRS and measures approximately 2.25” in length, 7/8” in width, and 5/16” in height.

Image Info

  • FIGURE 1 Shows a pink version of the LaceLocker® installed on shoe.

  • FIGURE 2 Shows how the LaceLocker® flap is slid into place.

  • FIGURE 3 Shows how the device can be pressed down and laces can be tied.

  • FIGURE 4 Shows the sides of the LaceLocker® being folded over for securement.

  • FIGURE 5 Shows different colors and styles of the LaceLocker® available.

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