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Fresh-Aire Safety Snorkel

  • Dennis Burt
  • Patent Pending


Fresh-Aire Safety Snorkel is a marvelous new snorkel that prevents wearers from breathing in the leftover air that they just exhaled, maintaining a pure one-way airflow, for a more enjoyable and much safer snorkeling experience.

Inventor has a working prototype.

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Purpose & Benefits

  • Draws in air from above the water to fill the lungs with pure air (21% oxygen), and diverts the exhausted air out through a different valve (underwater).

  • Prevents metabolized air with reduced oxygen and increased carbon dioxide from traveling back up the breathing tube. Panting and shallow breathing give you more tube air in-out in-out. This 2-way breathing problem grows with time. When oxygen levels reach 15-16%, unconscious occurs. This revolutionary snorkel prevents that by only pulling in pure air.

  • Ensures that only fresh air is inhaled.

  • Helps train scuba divers to cautiously sip air and breathe in deeply, slowly, and consistently.

  • increasing breathing efficiency for longer dive times.

  • Avoids headaches and possible drowning from carbon dioxide headaches.

  • Makes blast clearing effort a thing of the past with EZ Puff.

Problems Solved

A basic snorkel design includes a hollow breathing tube J-shaped with a mouthpiece on the curved end and the longer straight end extending above water. In use, the snorkeler swims on the surface face down, breathing in and out through the tube, allowing snorkelers and divers uninterrupted viewing underwater. This design, however, allows leftover exhaled air, partially depleted of oxygen, to be breathed in with the next inhalation. After only a couple of minutes, this low-oxygen environment can lead to headaches and possible drowning. Additionally, most divers new to snorkeling will take big breaths or excited gasps, leading to inefficient breathing.

A second problem solved is clearing water from your snorkel: No more “blast clearing” where you must force water up the 16” breathing tube like a pea shooter sounding” pth-tooo” with your breath. With a bore mounted valve low in the intake, a gentle puff pressurizes the drain to release any residue.

Detailed Description & Features

Fresh-Aire Safety Snorkel is a completely new idea in snorkels that ensures scuba divers not endure low oxygen headaches, blurry vision, or vomiting from “CO2 headache” or possible drowning. Breathe in only fresh air. This innovative product may comprise 1) an intake tube of any shape, bore, or length, 2) One or more check valve(s), singly or multiply on a diagonal plate or widened tube body fresh-aire snorkel, 3) Gravity drain valve at bottom of “J” tube, and 4) Replaceable mouthpiece. Additionally, the snorkel can be offered in various colors, diameters, and lengths, and dry tops, as needed to accommodate user preferences.

In use, fresh air can enter the top of the snorkel and travel down the tube via reduced tube pressure of inhalation, past the flexible one-way check valve(s). Cautious sipping inhalations can even breathe past small amounts of water trapped in the bottom of the snorkel. Exhaled air and trapped water can be pushed out of the snorkel through the drain valve. Exact specifications may vary upon manufacturing.

Image Info

  • FIGURE 1 Shows how the air flows only 1-way inside the snorkel during use.

  • FIGURE 2 Shows each component of the snorkel.

  • FIGURE 3 Shows a close-up view of the drain valve.

  • FIGURE 4 Shows a close-up view of air flowing in and out of the snorkel.

  • FIGURE 5 Shows the snorkel in assorted colors.

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